A.WIN 奇致 网卡


10/100 Mbps Lan Card





  • 提供連接方式: RJ-45
  • 匯流排: 一般 32 位元 PCI
  • 資料傳輸率: 10/100Mbps
  • 標準工業規格: 100 BASE TX & 10 BASE T
  • 資料傳輸率: 100Mbps
  • INT 中斷方式: BIOS 提供對應 IRQ
  • I/0 Base: 自動正確的配置空間
  • 全雙工操作方式
  • LAN Card



    Product overview:

  • 128-pin PQFP/LQFP to reduce design & manufacturing cost.
  • Supports CardBus/PCI Interfaces.
  • Integrates Fast Ethernet MAC, Physical chip and transceiver
    into a single chip.
  • 10 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s operations.
  • Supports 10 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s N-way auto-negotiation.
  • Supports 25MHz Crystal/25 M OSC to reduce BOM cost.
  • Compliant to PCI 2.2 Standard and PC99 Standard.
  • Supports ACPI power management,
  • Provides PCI bus master data transfer.
  • Provides PCI memory space or I/O space mapped data transfer.
  • Supports PCI clock 16.75 MHz-40 MHz.
  • Advanced power saving mode when LAN Function or wakeup
    function is not used.
  • Supports Link change, Microsoft”Wake-up Frame ”and AMD
    R ”Magic Packet” for WOL function.
  • Half/Full duplex capability.
  • Supports Full Duplex Flow Control (1EEE 802,3x).
  • Provides interface to 93C46/93C56 EEPROMs to store resource
    configuration and ID parameters.
  • Supports up to 128K-byte Flash Memory/Boot-BOM interfaces.
  • Supports PCI Clock Run pin.
  • Supports 3 LEDs to indicate traffic, link, speed and collision.
  • 3.3V CMOS process.

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