Siluro GF4 Ti4200-8X

Product Features

NVIDIA GeForce™4 Ti4200 GPU with AGP 8X

Support for AGP 8X

64/128 MB DDR SDRAM memory interface

AGP 8X/4X/2X/1X with Fast Writes and AGP texturing supporting

NVIDIA nFiniteFX™ II Engine brings unbelievable 3D visual experience never seen

NVIDIA Lightspeed Memory Architecture II

NVIDIA Accuview Antialiasing™ delivers unbeatable visual quality and frame rate

Microsoft DirectX® 8.1 and OpenGL 1.3 optimizations and support

NVIDIA nView™ enables multiple-display flexibility

High-quality HDTV and DVD playback

TV-out for S-Video/Composite up to 1024x1280

DVI supports LCD monitors

I/O Interface

DVI-I connector for LCD monitors

D-Sub 15-Pin VGA connector

TV-Out (S-Video/Composite )

Bundled Accessories

Adapter for S-Video/RCA Cable

Composite (RCA) cable

S-Video Extended cable

DVI to D-Sub adapter

Bundled Software

SiluroDVD 4

Siluro Software Album CD