Chipset: Intel 430TX

CPU type: Socket 7

Form Factor: full ATX

Expansion slots: 4x PCI, 4x ISA

Memory Slots 3x DIMM




Supports up to 200MHz Pentium? processors and up to 233MHz Pentium processors with MMX technology

Supports Cyrix/IBM 6x86 (processor rev.2.7 or later) and 6x86L PR120+~PR166+ and 6x86MX PR166~200+ processors

Supports AMD K5 PR75~PR166 and 166~233MHz K6 processors

High-efficiency Switching Power Module

Supports 55/60/66/68/75/83 MHz system clock speeds

Innovative SeePU technology (simple CPU installation via BIOS)

Standard High security APTC (Active Processor Temperature Control) solution

Optional SMART (System Monitoring & Alert Technology) with LDCM utility



Intel 82430TX two chip PCIset


Cache Memory

512 KB built-in Pipelined Burst SRAM


DRAM Memory

Supports up to 256MB EDO and Synchronous DRAM modules


Boot-block Flash ROM

1Mb Boot-block Flash ROM

Award System BIOS supports PnP, APM, DMI, Multi-device booting features



Two ATA-3 IDE Ports

Supports PIO mode 4, multi-word DMA mode 2 and Ultra DMA-33 timings

Bus Mastering software drivers for all well known Multi-task operating systems


On-Board Ultra I/O

2S(16550A compliant) + 1P(SPP/ECP/EPP) + 1FD (up to 2.88MB, 3 Mode, 1Mbps transfer rate)

Supports IrDA IR function


Two USB Ports On Board


CE EMI Regulation Compliant


Advanced Management Capabilities

68/75/83 MHz system frequencies for over-clocking possibility

Supports Software power off control, Override power button, Modem ring power-on and Power-on by alarm

Flash BIOS protect, Reset switch protect via BIOS

Poly-switch overcurrent protection for USB and keyboard