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Chipset: Intel 440BX

CPU type: Slot 1

Form Factor: full ATX

Expansion slots: 4x PCI, 2x ISA, 1x AGP

Memory Slots 3x DIMM

Other audio onboard




Supports up to 450 MHz Intel Pentium II and Celeron processors

Slot 1 CPU socket with retention mechanism

Supports 66/100 MHz system clock speeds

Innovative SeePU technology (simple CPU installation via BIOS)



Intel 82440BX two chip AGPset


Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)

Fully supports 1x and 2x AGP cards

(complies with AGP v1.0 standard)


DRAM Memory

Three 168-pin 3.3V unbuffered DIMM sockets supports up to 384MB EDO (66MHz only) and Synchronous DRAM

Provides single bit ECC capability


Boot-block Flash BIOS

Award System BIOS supports PnP (v1.0a), APM (v1.2), DMI (v2.0) & Multi-device booting (floppy, IDE/SCSI hard drive, LS120, ZIP ATAPI, CD-ROM) features

Includes Trend ChipAwayVirus


Two Ultra DMA-33 IDE Ports

Supports up to PIO Mode 4, Multiword DMA Mode 2 and Ultra DMA-33 timings

Bus Mastering software drivers for all well-known multi-task operating systems


Audio Onboard

Yamaha YMF740 stereo audio controller onboard

Microsoft DirectSound compatible


On Board Ultra I/O

2S(16550A compliant) + 1P(SPP/ECP/EPP) + 1FD(up to 2.88MB, 3 Mode and 1Mbps transfer rate)

Supports IrDA IR function


Two USB ports On Board


FCC Class B & CE EMI Regulation Compliant


Advanced Management Capabilities

Supports 75/83/103/112/133MHz system frequencies for over-clocking possibility

LDCM compliant system monitoring hardware

Supports Software power off control, Override power button, Power-on by keyboard, Power-on by modem ring, Power-on by alarm, Power failure recovery, Blinking LED in suspend

Poly-fuse overcurrent protection for USB and keyboard.

Combines Trend ChipAwayVirus, PC-Cillin, and Flash BIOS protection for a 100% virus-free system boot-up

ACPI features ready

Supports audio SB-Link interface and WOL (Wake on LAN) network cards

All hardware designs meet PC98 requirements