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Chipset: Intel 440ZX (CT-6ZIA)

VIA Pro plus (CT-6AIA)

CPU type: Socket 370

Form Factor: micro ATX

Expansion slots: 3x PCI, 1x ISA, 1x AGP

Memory Slots: 2x DIMM

Other: Audio onboard


(CT-6ZIA shown here, click on picture to see CT-6AIA)


Supports Intel Socket370 processors up to 366MHz

System clock 66/100MHz



Intel 82440ZX two-chip AGPset for CT-6ZIA

VIA Pro plus two-chip AGPset for CT-6AIA


Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)

Supports AGP 1X and 2X AGP cards


DRAM Memory

Two 168-pin 3.3V unbuffered DIMM sockets supports at least up to 256MB EDO and Synchronous DRAM

Provides single bit ECC capability


PCI Audio Onboard

ESS Solo-1 (ES1938S) audio chip onboard

CD-quality, 16-bit stereo audio controller

Programmable independent sample rate from 4KHz to 48KHz for record and playback

Full-duplex operation for simultaneous recording and playback

Built-in 32-voice synthesizer spatializer 3D audio effect processsor

Supports DLS wavetable synthesizer with limitless variety of instrument samples using PC RAM


Boot-block Flash BIOS

Award System BIOS supports PnP (v1.0a), APM (v1.2), DMI (v2.0) & Multi-device booting (floppy, IDE/SCSI hard drive, LS120, ZIP ATAPI, CD-ROM) features

Includes Symbios SCSI BIOS and Trend ChipAwayVirus


Two Ultra DMA-33 IDE Ports

Supports up to PIO Mode 4, Multiword DMA Mode 2 and Ultra DMA-33 timings

Bus Mastering software drivers for all well-known multi-task operating systems


On Board Ultra I/O

2S(16550A compliant) + 1P(SPP/ECP/EPP) + 1FD(up to 2.88MB, 3 Mode and 1Mbps transfer rate)

Supports IrDA IR function (up to 115.2Kbps)


Two USB ports On Board


Special Product Features

Innovative SeePU technology for jumperless CPU installation

68/75/83/103/112/124/133MHz overclocking possibility

Optional LDCM compliant system monitoring hardware

Advanced Management Capabilities:

1.) Power-on events:

- Mouse movements or clicks

- Keyboard password

- WOL (Wake-On-LAN) networkcard

- Modem ring

- RTC Alarm

2.) Blinking LED in suspend

3.) Fan OFF control in suspend

4.) Chassis intrusion detection

Poly-fuse overcurrent protection for USB and keyboard.

Software application group includes PC-Cillin, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Ghost and HighPoint XStore Pro