J&W 杰微


    深圳市杰微电子有限公司成立于一九九二年,公司主要从事于板,卡的开发,生产及大陆市场的销售。经历过声卡,调制解调器,显示卡及主板的研制与开发,现已形成集团化生产与销售,针对中国大陆市场的特点,工厂除了对自己产品的生产,另外对外进行来料加工,和国外各个芯片厂家建立了良好的关系,从而和国外的新产品保持同步,以及降低产品成本。公司针对自己的实力和市场的特点,从一九九七年开始推出自己的品牌--“J&W 彩霸”系列产品,在保证产品质量的同时,把利润让给经销商,把实惠带给用户。已和各地的经销商建立良好的关系,在全国初步形成了自己的销售网络和完善的售后服务体系。经过本公司几年的不断努力,“J&W 彩霸”系列产品已逐渐形成了品牌效益,并已被同行和用户所认可。 
    Shenzhen China Jie Wei Electronic Co Ltd. was incorporated in 1992 and its core business is the production and sale of cyber boards and cards in the main land. Having been engaged in the researching and developing field of sound card, modem, video card and main board for years, we have gained much experience and have set up a satisfactory mass production and sale net for the unique situation of China's market. Today we not only produce but also make to order with the foreign customers' own material. In cooperation with oversea clients, we formed between each other a steady and friendly relationship, which keeps us to the latest technique and so as a result the lowest operating cost. In view of the growing need, the company brought to the market its own brand "J&W" (彩霸) and a serial of related outputs. Whenever, wherever and however we carry out the business, one principle will never change. That is: offer franchisers more profit and bring customers more boon on the basis of high quality. With this principle the brand as well as our company has won good reputation from both our customers and partners.

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