JetWay 捷波



Special Features

  • PCI Plug and Play (PnP) bus interface,32 bit PCI bus master
  • Full duplex playback and recording,built-in 16 Bit CODEC.
  • HRTF 2D positional audio,supports both DirectSound 3D(R) & A3D(R) interface,supports earphones,two and four channel speakers mode.
  • Support Windows98/WindowsME and Windows NT 4.0.
  • Built-in 32 OHM Earphone buffer.
  • MPU-401 Game/Midi port and legacy audio SBpro support.
  • DownloadableWave table Synthesizer,supports Direct Music(R).
  • Drivers support AC3 5.1CH interface.
  • Karaoke function can choose."Vocal/Music Mixing""Music Only""Auto-Vocal Playback""Pitch Key Up""Pitch Key Down""Reset Pitch Key".
  • Multi-choose in Sound Effect & Equalizer.

Digital Audio (SPDIF IN/OUT)

  • Up to 24 bits stereo 44KHz sampling rate voice playback/recording.
  • Full duples playback and recording,120dB audio quality measured.
  • Auto detectable SPDIF/IN signal level from 0.5V to 5V

Stereo Mixer

  • Stereo analog mixing from CD-Audio,Line-in.
  • Stereo digital mixing from Voice,FM/Wave-table,Digital CD-Audio.
  • Mono mixing from MIC and software adjustable volume.

Game and Midi Interface

  • Fully compatible with MPU-401 Midi UART and Sound Blaster Midi mode/Standard IBM PC joystick/game port (dual channels)

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