The advanced features of 3DPRO include :

AGP Interface

Supports AGP 1.0 compliant configuration setting

Supports AGP 133MHz

High Performance & High Quality 3D Accelerator

Built-in a high performance 3D engine

Built-in a high quality 3D engine

Video Accelerator

Supports YUV-to-RGB color space conversion

High Performance 2D Accelerator

Built-in 42 double-words hardware command queue

Supports Turbo Queue (Software Command Queue in off-screen memory ) architecture to achieve extra-high performance

Built-in Direct Draw Accelerator

*Complete TV-OUT Solution

Built-in complete NTSC/PAL video encoder

Supports RCA-style composite video and S-Video outputs

Supports NTSC/PAL interlaced display in

640x480x60Hz and 640x400x60Hz modes for NTSC

640x480x50Hz and 800x600x50Hz modes for PAL

*MPEG-2/1 Video Decoder

MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-2

Low cost design based on MPEG macro-block layer decoding architecture

Built-in IDCT logic

Built-in motion compensation logic

High Integration

Built-in programmable 24-bit true-color RAMDAC up to 175MHz pixel clock

Multimedia Application

Supports DDC1 and DDC2B specifications

Supports RAMDAC snoop for multimedia applications