The most advanced 8X8 Graphics card

Support AGP8X & DirectX8.1





AGP8X supports a data rate of 2.1GB/s and runs at 533MHz, doubling the speed of the previous 266MHz AGP4X interface. Presently, rapid improvements of the data transmissions are being applied to the main memory, core logic and processor. This is to allow the system to handle more data. As other parts of the system have been upgrad4ed, widening the bandwidth of the graphics interface is becoming more and more essential.

DirectX 8.1

One of the big improvements of DirectX 8.1 is the Pixel Shader function, which does not exist in the DirectX 7 graphics card. With the hardware Pixel Shader, you can see how the light effect on the surface vividly. This superior technology is prepared for the future advanced 3D games.


GPU: Xabre 200 AGP8X 256-bit Graphic Accelerator

Engine Clock: up to 166MHz

Display Memory: 333MHz DDR SDRAM, 64MB onboard (128MB optional)

AGP Bus Interface: AGP 3.0 compliant, supports AGP8X mode

RAMDAC: up to 375MHz pixel clock.

Resolution: up to 2048x1536x32bpp @ 75Hz NI

DirectX: Supports DirectX 8.1, Pixel Shader Ver.1.3

I/O Ports: VGA, 3D VR Glasses, AV & S-Video connectors

Board Size: 174x95mm

Compatible System: Windows XP/2000/ME/98SE

Bundled Software: WInDVD