AGP Video Card based on the Trident 3DImage975 for great performance at low cost!

The AGP-3000 features 2MB default memory, expandable to 4MB. Software drivers for Windows 95/NT, Windows 3.1, OS2, AutoCAD, 3D Studio, as well as a Video Playback Utility are included.

High performance 3D/2D graphics processor: Trident 3DImage975
High refresh rate for flicker free display
Horizontal / Vertical linearly-interpolated scaling for realistic gaming
Supports TV out with composite and S-Video Connectors
Goggles connector for optional stereo graphics 3D games display
AGP "Execute" mode for texture mapping performance improvement

  Graphics Engine:
  • Trident 3DImage975
  Display Memory:
  • 40nS EDO DRAM, 2MB
  • Expandable to 4MB
  • (1) 15-pin D type high density VGA
  • (1) S-Video Out(1)
  • (1) RCA type connector for composite video out
  • (1) VMI 6-pin header for optional goggles display
  • 640x480 16/256/64K/16.7M colors mode (min)
  • 1024x768 256/64K/16.7M colors mode (middle)
  • 1600x1200 256 colors mode (max)