Ultra-Fast AGP Video Card for super gaming and 3D modeling! Based on the Riva128 Video Controller.

The AGP-5000 features 4MB of 100Mhz SGRAM. Drivers for Windows NT/95, as well as a Video Playback Utility are included.

High speed 128-bit 3D/2D graphics processor: Riva128
Floating point geometry processor built in
High refresh rates for flicker free display
Multi-tap X and Y filtering for high quality video display
Supports TV out with composite and S-Video connectors
MPEG 1/2 accelerated playback
Goggles connector for optional stereo graphics 3D games display

  Graphics Engine:
  • SGS Thomson Riva128
  • 128-bit Processor
  Display Memory:
  • 100Mhz SGRAM, 4MB default
  • (1) 15-pin D type VGA connector
  • (1) RCA type video out
  • (1) 4-pin Mini Din S-Video out
  • (1) VPI Video Input
  • (1) VMI 6-pin header for optional goggles display
  Display Resolutions:
  • 640x480 16/256/64K/16.7M colors mode (min)
  • 1152x864 16/256/64K/16.7 colors mode (middle)
  • 1600x1200 256/64K colors mode (max)
  • Drivers for Windows NT/95
  • Video Playback Utility