CaptureTV M205

High Performance TV Tuner Card.

The CaptureTV M205 is designed to add on-screen TeleVision capability to any PCI supporting the PCI Local Bus.

Featuring connectors for Antenna/CableTV, Composite Video and S-Video, the M205 can be used to Capture and Display Live Video from various input devices such as Camcorders and PC Desktop Video Cameras.

A Remote Control and Infrared Sensor are also included to allow channel switching and other functions just like your TV set!

Window or Full-Screen Display
Video Capture Rate up to 30fps @ 320x240 resolution
32-bit PCI Local Bus 2.1 compliant
Supports most Video Conferencing and Video Editing applications
Antenna/Cable TV, Composite Video and S-Video inputs

  Video Decoder Chip:
  • BrookTree Bt848KPF
  • (1) CableTV/Antenna Input
  • (1) Composite Video - RCA Type
  • (1) S-Video
  • (1) Power for Camera
  • (1) Audio Out
  Software Support:
  • Windows 95
  Video Systems Supported:
  • NTSC
  • PAL
  • 150mm x 77mm