If you're ready to explore the future of Internet and E-mail Communications, the HOW-R-U Kit provides everything you'll need:

High Performance C210 PCI Video Capture Card - Philips Desktop Camera with built-in Microphone - VDONet's VDOPhone Software for Video Conferencing - V-Mail Software for creating your own "Video Mails"

Go live over the Internet or send your own Video Mails - high quality digital movies in ultra-compressed format designed for fast and easy transfer with your everyday E-mail messages.

The included C210 Video Capture Card is based on the PCI Bus - currently the fasted interface for Video Applications!

Works over any TCP/IP network
Uses analog telephone lines (POTS), digital lines (ISDN) or direct connection (LAN, Frame Relay, T1, etc.) to the Internet
Supports variable bandwidths from less than 14,400 Kbps and up to 56K
Scalable: Automatically adjusts video quality to available bandwidth
ITU Standard Compliant H.324, H.263, H.223, H.245, G.723.1, V.80
Interoperability with other POTS H.324 terminals
Frame Rate: 4-8fps@28.8Kbps Internet access connection, 8-15fps@128kbps Internet access connection, 5-15fps@H.324 28.8kbps connection
Video window size: QCIF, 160x120 SWCIF, with 2X enlarge option
Full and Half Duplex Audio
Concurrent data channel for two-way chat application

  Video Mail Software:
  • Produce video in ultra-compressed files (1MB per 1minute file maximum compression)
  • Supports 160x120 resolution for Video Mail Window Size
  C210 Video Capture Card:
  • 30 fps for 320x240, 25 fps for 640x48032-Bit
  • PCI Local Bus PnP 2.1Compliant
  • Length:122mm x Height:106mm
  Video Inputs:
  • (1) CCD Camera Connector
  • (1) Composite Video Connector: RCA Type
  • (1) S-Video Connector
  Philips CCD Camera:
  • 5 volt power supply for direct voltage from PC
  • Easy Zoom and close Focus to 0cm
  • Built-in Microphone with Cable