VideoCap C205

High Performance Video Capture Card.

The VideoCap C205 is a high-performance PCI Video Capture adapter. By utilizing the PCI Local Bus along with video playback acceleration technology, full-motion video is directly transferred from the graphics card's display memory, resulting in clean, fast desktop video.

The C205 does not require a "Feature Connector" on the VGA card, making it compatible with virtually all PCI Video Cards.

The VideoCap C205 performs several video capture functions such as Still Image/Full Motion Capture, Input Selection and Hardware Setup. An AVI drivers is also included to support Video Applications such as Video-Conferencing, Video Mail and Video Editing.

Window or Full-Screen Display
Video Capture Rate up to 30fps @ 320x240 resolution
No VGA Feature Connector required
32-bit PCI Local Bus 2.1 compliant
AVI Driver supports most Video Conferencing and Video Editing applications
Composite Video and S-Video inputs

  Video Decoder Chip:
  • BrookTree Bt848KPF
  • (1) Mini-Din Port for Philips Camera
  • (1) Composite Video - RCA Type
  • (1) S-Video
  • (1) Power for Camera
  Software Support:
  • Windows 95