VideoCap C210

A High Performance PCI Full-Motion / Still Image Capture Solution for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

A high performance Video Capture add-on card, the VideoCap C210 is based on PCI Local Bus and Video Playback Acceleration Technology.?P> The C210 transfers full-motion video (up to 30fps at 640x480 resolution) directly through the PCI Local Bus to the Video Card's memory.?P> The C210 is also compatible with Video Conferencing software such as VDOPhone and CUSeeMe, bringing cyber-conferencing to the desktop PC.?P> A scanner emulation driver is provided for desktop publishing applications.

Transfer Rates up to 41MB/sec are supported
32-Bit PCI Local Bus PnP 2.1 Compliant
VideoCap Utility (Still Image Capture, Input Selection, Hardware Setup)
AVI Driver - TWAIN Driver - Full Motion Video Capture Utility
No Video Frame Buffer required for best price/performance ratio
No VGA Feature Connector Required
Plug and Play Compatible
32K/64K/16.7M Color Mode Support
Windows NT Support!

  Video Inputs:
  • (1) CCD Camera Input
  • (1) Composite Video Connector: RCA Type
  • (1) S-Video Connector
  • Length:122mm x Height:106mm