VIA EPIA Mini ITX Mainboard
Standardized Embedded Solutions for Total Mainboard Connectivity



The VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard brings the industry's smallest, most highly integrated, and most flexible x86 platform to OEMs and System Integrators looking for solutions that offer the maximum of features without sacrificing design flexibility. Offering the choice of a VIA Eden™ ESP processor core for fanless systems with power sensitive requirements, or a VIA C3™ E-Series processor for more multimedia rich applications, the EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard also features embedded onboard graphics, audio and TV-Out support. The VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard is the ideal platform for an almost unlimited variety of Extreme Value PC, Information Appliance, Set Top Box, Personal Video Recorder, and Industrial PC designs.

Measuring just 170mm x 170mm, the VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mainboard is 30% smaller than the smallest Flex-ATX platforms, while maintaining Micro ATX chassis compliancy. It also provides the smallest and coolest processing environment available, including an optional fanless configuration. The VIA Apollo PLE133 North Bridge features integrated graphics with 2D/3D acceleration and DVD Motion Compensation, accompanied by onboard SoundBlaster™ and SoundBlaster™ Pro compatible audio, delivering key multimedia capabilities. Onboard 10/100 LAN, TV-Out, an additional PCI slot, and a full set of I/O features provide ample connectivity and expansion options.

VIA EPIA Mainboard Specification
Standardized Embedded Solutions for Total Mainboard Connectivity
Form Factor - Mini-ITX
- 170mm x 170mm
- Micro ATX Chassis Compliant
Processor - VIA Eden™ ESP 5000 processor
  - 100/133MHz Front Side Bus
  - low power consumption
  - Optional Fanless
- VIA C3™ E-Series processor (EBGA package)
  - 100/133MHz Front Side Bus
  - 128K L1 and 64K L2 cache
Chipset - VIA Apollo PLE133
  - VT8601A North Bridge
  - Featuring integrated AGP 2X graphics
  - VIA VT8231 South Bridge
TV-Out - Integrated Macro Vision 7.01
- High quality scaling and filtering
- S-Video or Composite video output
- Supports NTSC/PAL TV formats
Main Memory - Two 168-pin DIMM memory sockets
- PC100/133 SDRAM support
LAN - VIA 10/100 Ethernet LAN onboard
Graphics - Integrated AGP2X with 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration
- Motion Compensation for DVD playback
- VIP port for video overlay function
Audio - VIA VT1612A AC'97 onboard
- 3 Audio Jacks - Line-Out, Line-In and Microphone-In
- Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro Compatible
- Digital I/O compatible with consumer mode S/PDIF
Expansion Slots - ATA/100/66/33 Support
- 1 PCI slots
Onboard IDE - ATA/100/66
I/O Ports - 3 Audio Jacks - Line-out, Mic-in and Line-in
- Four USB ports (two USB ports located at rear side)
- 1 EPP/ECP parallel port
- 1 16C550 compatible serial port
- 2 External PS/2 Compatible Keyboard /Mouse ports
- 2 TV output ports (S-Video or optional RCA TV out)
- 1 S/PDIF out (optional and multiplex with RCA TV out)
- 1 RJ-45 LAN port
- 1 PCI slot (Note: support for two PCI devices)
Power Supply -ATX Power Supply Compliant